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Be a PS Certified Coach

This is the beginning of your coaching development pathway in Powerlifting Singapore. As a PS Certified Coach, you will be able to lead a team of your own handlers for your athletes at all National and Local Meets, and eventually progress to becoming part of the coaching team for the National Team at International Competitions.


Build a Meet Day Support System

Certified Coaches will be able to lead a team of up to 5 of their own support staff or handlers for their athletes at National Competitions, as well as provide a service to athletes who do not train under local coaches. 

Play your Part in the Community

Every coach is a role model to his or her athletes. Learn what coaching and sporting behaviours are often emulated by athletes, and build a stronger community that protects itself and others, to ensure longevity in the sport.

Learn How to Coach for Success

Learn how to properly and safely coach your athletes towards success. Your athletes will only learn as much as you know. Create success by learning how to be competitive while showing good sportsmanship.

Manage Boundaries

While Coach and Athlete relationships may vary, it is important to understand what keeps a professional relationship one that will not become problematic. Understanding boundaries goes both ways, and learning to manage it is key.

Beyond the Commands

Understanding the rules of competition and playing them to your advantage can lead your athlete into a podium finish. Help your athletes understand what referees are looking for, to always ensure three white lights (or two)!

Coach Development Pathway

This course and the Coaching Membership allows coaches to be included in a database of PS Certified Coaches and explore a development pathway towards becoming the National Team Head Coach!

Coach Membership

This is an annually-renewable membership which accompanies the PS Coaching Certification. All Certified Coaches must maintain an valid membership to be able to Coach at any National or International Level competition for the year in which they are active. Coach Memberships expire on 31 December of each calendar year, and is separate to an Athlete Membership for competition participation. 

Please register for a Coach Membership only after you have completed and passed your Powerlifting Singapore Level 1 Coach Certification Course.

For National competitions, the ratio of Athlete / Coach / Handler is as follows:

Registration of each handler is chargeable at $20 for the entire competition.



Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are legally binding to those who have completed the Coach Certification course and are registered as an official Powerlifting Singapore Certified Coach. By completing this course and applying for a Coach Membership, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions:

  • All Powerlifting Singapore Coaches are committed to conducting themselves in a way that will create a positive competition environment for fellow athletes and coaches.

  • Coaches must place the safety and welfare of athletes above all else, and ensure that their athletes conduct themselves in a manner that portrays a good image for the sport and its other stakeholders.

  • Under IPF By-law 14, any coach participating (platform coaching) in any International Powerlifting or Bench Press event not organized, sanctioned, or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any regional or national event for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved event.

  • Under IPF By-law 14, any coach that participates in any competition or event which is organized by a sporting body, federation or organization that has not received recognition from the World Anti-Doping Agency and is thus non-compliant with the Code and International Standards shall be automatically rendered ineligible and shall not be permitted to take part in an authorized National or International Powerlifting or Bench Press Event for a period of 12 months from the date of the last non-compliant Event. Should the coach participate in an unauthorized Powerlifting or Bench Press Event prior to the lapse of the 12 months he/she may be sanctioned with a period of ineligibility of an additional 12 months from the date of the non-compliant event. In the case of a second infringement for such participation, the period of ineligibility may be a maximum of 24 months. 

  • Before officially being registered as a Powerlifting Singapore Coach, it is required to complete the ADEL course for Coaches of High Performance.

  • Coaches must act within the Technical Rules of the IPF, as well as the official Code of Ethics, and ensure that athletes under their charge also do so.

  • Coaches must cooperate and liaise with Powerlifting Singapore medical personnel in the management of injury risks or situations.

  • All coaches registered with Powerlifting Singapore agree to abide by the Powerlifting Singapore, IPF and Anti-Doping Singapore anti-doping policies and code. This includes submitting to any doping control test in and out of competition.

  • All Coaches must comply with event or organizer rules with regard to admission to warm-up rooms, official attire, access to facilities and similar necessary event logistics. Those who do not comply will risk being disqualified or having the athlete(s) under their charge disqualified.

  • Official Dress Code for Handlers and Coaches: Sports wear with covered sports shoes or sneakers, and entry ticket / wristband for the session. Coaches will be barred from entering the warm-up room without the correct wrist band and/or attire.

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