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Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct are a set of guidelines that apply to all athletes, coaches, handlers, volunteers, and staff participating in Powerlifting Singapore events and competitions. 

  • All Powerlifting Singapore Athletes and Coaches, as well as Volunteers and Staff members, are committed to conducting themselves in a way that will create a positive competition environment for fellow athletes and coaches.

  • Coaches must place the safety and welfare of athletes above all else, and ensure that their athletes conduct themselves in a manner that portrays a good image for the sport and its other stakeholders.

  • Coaches must act within the Technical Rules of the IPF, as well as the official Code of Ethics, and ensure that athletes under their charge also do so.

  • Athletes and Coaches must cooperate and liaise with Powerlifting Singapore medical personnel in the management of injury risks or situations.

  • All athletes and members registered with Powerlifting Singapore agree to abide by the Powerlifting Singapore, IPF and Anti-Doping Singapore anti-doping policies and code. This includes submitting to any doping control test in and out of competition.

  • All Athletes and Coaches must comply with event or organizer rules with regard to admission to warm-up rooms, official attire, access to facilities and similar necessary event logistics. Those who do not comply will risk being disqualified or having the athlete(s) under their charge disqualified.

  • Official Dress Code for Handlers and Coaches: Sports wear with covered sports shoes or sneakers, and entry ticket / wrist band for the session. Coaches will be barred from entering the warm-up room without the correct wrist band and/or attire.

If you believe there has been a breach of the Powerlifting Singapore Code of Conduct, please contact us via email at

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