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Parental Consent Form

Any athlete who is under 18 years of age on the day they compete MUST provide parental consent that the athlete can provide urine samples during testing conducted on behalf of Powerlifting Singapore.

Parents must also be at the weigh-in, or nominate a coach who is above 21 to do so, by writing in via email to the federation.

  1. Parents should be aware of the IPF Anti-Doping Rules.

  2. Powerlifting Singapore adopts Anti-Doping Singapore's rules as its own. ADS is the national anti-doping organization and it follows the WADA code.

  3. ADS will collect, process, disclose, and use information submitted in the form below for the purposes of the implementation of the IPF Anti-Doping Rules in accordance with the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information and pursuant to applicable data protection laws. 

  4. Parents are highly encouraged to learn more about fair play and clean sport via the ADEL platform.

  5. Any athlete who requires a Therapeutic Use Exemption form should download the application form here and submit it to Anti Doping Singapore.

  6. Not sure if a long-term drug your child is using is on the list of banned substances? Please visit this page to check.

Parents must fill-in the form below and submit it via email, to:

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