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Upcoming Competitions

This page links you to the athlete namelists and lifting schedules for upcoming local and national competitions.


If you are looking for competitions you can join, please click here.


SwoleFit Garage Strength Showdown

Sun 25 Mar 2023

SwoleFit Garage

59H Jalan Malu-Malu,

Singapore 769674

Junior & Tertiary Nationals 2023

7-9 April 2023

D'Marquee @ Downtown East

1 Pasir Ris Close,

Singapore 519599


ReFormd Powerlifting Meet

6-7 May 2023

Anytime Fitness Bukit Timah Central 

559 Bukit Timah Road, King’s Arcade #B1-01, Singapore 269695

Hygieia Masters Powerlifting Meet

28 May 2023

Hygieia Strength & Conditioning

34 Haig Rd,

Singapore 438739

Hygieia Masters Powerlifting Meet Logo_edited.jpg
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