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Hygieia Masters Powerlifting Meet

Sun 28 May 2023


Please check your registration details. If there are errors, please contact us immediately at Note that:

  1. Name, Year of Birth, and Age Division changes may be levied a $25 administrative fee. 

  2. Weight Class Changes are permitted until 2359 hrs on 7 May 2023.

  3. All athletes who are on long-term medication that are prohibited on the WADA list must submit a Therapeutic Use Exemption form (TUE).

  4. First-time athletes must attend a compulsory Technical Briefing on Sat 20 May 2023 at 5pm at Hygieia Strength & Conditioning.

SESSION 1: AM - Reporting Time: 0645hrs | Weigh In: 0700hrs | First Lift: 0900hrs

SESSION 2: PM - Reporting Time: 1145hrs | Weigh In: 1200hrs | First Lift: 1400hrs

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